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Advocacy in motion!

** This deparment has the ability to take formal action **


** This office has the ability to take formal action **

  • Confidential and informal conflict resoultion for faculty, staff, students, and trainees:
  • The Office of the Ombudsman works to promote fair treatment and fair practice. They are able to assist with the following:
    • Job Conflicts
    • Problems with advisors
    • Tenure and promotion issues
    • Disciplinary matters
    • Department conflicts
    • Performce appraisals
    • Course conflicts
    • Salary concerns
    • Benefits questions
    • Grading conflicts
    • Health and safety concerns
    • Disputes about fees
    • Campus housing issues
    • Discrimination
    • Sexual harassment
    • Authorship disputes

** This office functions more for mediation, and cannot take any formal action **

  •  Office for Faculty assists with issues related to all categories of faculty and postdoctoral fellows:
  • This office is able to assist with the following:
    • Appointment
    • Review
    • Faculty-Student Issues (such as assistance with course issues like academic misconduct)
    • Faculty Policy and Liaison with the Academic Senate
    • Leadership and Professional Development Series
    • Other “Lifespan” Faculty Issues: Chairs, Sabbaticals, Leave, Emeritus
    • Faculty-Staff Conflicts
    • Faculty Discipline
    • General Conflict Resolution

  • Staff Council proactively pursues and researches existing and new initiatives, policies, programs, and service projects designed to enhance, promote, and support: staff development, staff welfare, and staff organizational responsibilities.
  • The Council also creates and administers opportunities for staff participation and leadership within the University setting:

Last Updated: 10/21/20