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BFSA's Spotlight Lecture Series:

Past Spotlight Lectures

favel"Life As A Postdoc" 

Presenter: Dr. Favel Mondesir, Ph.D., MSPH

Dr. Favel Mondesir is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Utah. Her presentation focuses on her experiences throughout academia. She will also present briefly in her current research in Epidemiology.




Tramaine"Closing the Achievement Gap: Black Men Will Succeed Despite the Odds"

Presenter: Tramaine Jones, M.A.Ed, CNP

This presentation focuses on the issue that students of color and other underrepresented populations, particularly Black men, are weeded out of higher education by White faculty and staff members (Thornhill, 2018). Black men lack great examples on college campuses, and it shows in the data revolved around anti-blackness (Dumas, 2014). The purpose of the presentation is to understand the factors that contribute to the graduation percentages among Black men and how can that relationship be improved. There are many impacts on Black men in college as they are likely to have fewer faculty members who are the same or similar ethnic background (Thornhill, 2018). Furthermore, the primary purpose of this presentation will show the representation of Black men among their male peers and how they are being recruited, retained, and graduated. Lastly, we will have an open dialogue to create support for Black men to graduate college.

Last Updated: 6/2/21